Wedding gowns that epitomise the Russian soul

Wedding gowns that epitomise the Russian soul | Natalia Petrova
Wedding gowns that epitomise the Russian soul | Natalia Petrova

Natalia Petrova dreamed up and sketched her first wedding gown in 2014. Before acknowledging and cultivating her true knack for design Natalia tried her hand at the Russian philology and the in-depth study of her native cultural heritage, she got a deep insight into the traditional music and dance and even unravelled the art of playing the traditional instrument, known among her compatriots as “domra.” Since the tender age Natalia honed her sewing skills by making tiny confections for her dolls, she also was fond of knitting and macramé knotting techniques. Natalia always looked up to her mother and grandmother, emulating and regarding them as the best role models for a young lady. They were instrumental in raising the future designer, who had a great fascination to their dexterous use of fabric that as if by magic was turned into breath-taking outfits and costumes for their children.


Inspired by a wealth of Russian traditions, Natalia Petrova headed for Brazil to study the art of design and that period became the wellspring of her new pursuit. Natalia eventually set her heart on creating wedding gowns. It took her quite a while to get her priorities right and find her genuine vocation in life. Initially Natalia aspired to master the German language and after finishing the department of philology she was teaching Russian and German in a language school and a local university. Having no desire to get stuck in a rut, Natalia gradually came to terms with the fact that she needed to add some creativity to her career. That’s how her childhood dream was embodied in the flowing silhouettes of the gorgeous wedding gowns bearing her name.

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True love gave rise to the project of a lifetime

True love gave rise to the project of a lifetime | Natalia Petrova

In 2008 Natalia left her life in Russia behind and relocated to Brazil to be reunited with her future husband. The wedding dress that she brought with her made a splash among her new friends and acquaintances. Everyone was literally entranced and the reaction of her immediate circle prompted Natalia to contemplate venturing into wedding fashion business. In 2009 Brazil got acquainted with the collection of wedding gowns that oozed special charm and epitomised the depth of the rich and magnanimous Russian soul. Those dresses definitely stood out due to their unparalleled quality and the new perspective on the issues of elegance and luxury. They were so different from the commonplace and rather clichéd silhouettes that were offered to Brazilian brides at that time. Natalia Petrova placed a premium on the Russian traditions and embellished her resplendent creations using some modern decoration techniques.

“My work is the incessant pursuit of new perspectives on bridal design which is nurtured by the overwhelming desire to ensure that harmony and panache are woven into every dress I create. I eagerly aspire to redress the balance between the long-standing traditions of wedding fashion and the newfangled thrilling ideas that have recently sprung up. Family values, women’s natural beauty, daintiness and demureness are the most essential concepts that are brought to the fore in every collection. The dresses of my stunning clients are the epitome of femininity in its entirety, since every lady exudes her unique and genuine tenderness, affection and care that can light up the faces of those who surround her, filling their hearts with elation , bliss and gratitude.”

The first collection by Natalia Petrova was released in 2011 and featured a series of traditionally tailored wedding gowns that were bought from suppliers to be marketed in Brazil. In no time it dawned on Natalia that she had to raise the bar and endeavour to adjust her designs to the Brazilian market of bridal fashion. Therefore the up-and-coming designer gave up her teaching career and immersed herself in the exhaustive research and studies at the department of design.

The year 2014 was the time when Natalia reached the milestone that altered her worldview completely. It was the time when she sketched her first design of a wedding gown. Thus, the Brazilian market of bridal fashion was refreshed with the wave of novelty and exclusivity. Inspired by the marvellous snapshots of the Russian culture and history, Natalia went out of her way to breathe life into outstanding silhouettes of her own dresses that would cater for the needs of any bride and would definitely indulge their every whim.

“As a rule, I am always intrigued and taken aback by some obscure stories that would be absolutely astonishing for the locals. I constantly strive to unveil the world that exists outside of Brazil, to give the insight into the day-to-day issues providing some new convictions and viewpoints that are indubitably dictated by the golden rules of kindness and beauty. Our collections were devoted to such themes as the goddesses of Greece, the Carnival of Venice, Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland, the renowned medieval princesses. The multifarious twists and turns of the concepts gave our dresses the air of magic and dreaminess.”


Every diamond of a dress is like the awe-inspiring masterpiece of a dexterous jeweller

Natalia Petrova is scrupulous and conscientious in her work and the accuracy of each subtle detail of her dresses resembles the painstaking work of a masterful jeweller. As a result, every dress bearing the name of her brand grows into an enthralling confection of opulence. These masterpieces are steeped in the richness of the Russian culture and conjure up the striking images of breath-taking landscapes, gripping traditions and joyous festivities. Special attention is also paid to the comfort of a modern bride. The flowing lines of the dresses by Natalia Petrova harmoniously intertwine the traditional as well as the latest trends of bridal fashion. The results are bound to pull at the heartstrings of true connoisseurs of luxury and impeccable style.

“Creating wedding gowns is just like writing a book or composing a new melody. I pour my every dream and emotion into new dresses. And these dresses are just like the lines of a novel or musical notes. It is always a pleasure to leaf through our tasteful catalogues. They prove that if you can dream something you are at liberty to put it into practice, even if sometimes the process is painfully time-consuming. I am deeply convinced that only a well-thought-out idea is predestined to become a success story.”

The collections by Natalia Petrova are bona fide gems, true models of contemporary bridal fashion that ooze the unique charm of the Russian soul. The ideally cut lines accentuate a fragile figure whereas the generous adornments that flood the tender fabric of every dress remind that every woman deserves to feel like an empress.


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